Amaranth has mostly focused its development efforts on the Amaranth Kernel (our fundamental XML/SGML software technology), the Aviation Solution Suite, and several other software components based on the Amaranth Kernel.

Amaranth Kernel

Based on many years of XML/SGML experience, Amaranth has developed its own proprietary XML/SGML core technology, the Amaranth Kernel.

Using the Amaranth Kernel together with existing XML/SGML technologies, Amaranth has developed several software solutions across industries such as the air transportation and automobile industries. These custom-built XML/SGML solutions cover the range from fast data retrieval and presentation of huge XML/SGML files to the control of complex SGML conversion processes. However, the Amaranth Kernel could easily be applied to other areas ranging from railroad traffic to the medical industries as long as a need for secure communication and use of structured information is present.

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Aviation Solution Suite

Amaranth has designed a suite of powerful software components for the aviation industry dedicated to support the aircraft maintenance and planning task. All of these components are built around the Amaranth Kernel and provides intuitive and easy-to-use solutions for complex business processes.

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XML/SGML Software Components

Amaranth develops software components based on the Amaranth Kernel for many different purposes. Typically smaller custom-made tools are developed for e.g. special SGML conversions, presentation, etc. Most of the components of our aviation solutions fall into this category, where even larger pieces of software like the ATA Server in the Aviation Solution Suite is a software component developed around the Amaranth Kernel.