The Amaranth Kernel

The Amaranth Kernel is an XML/SGML-oriented software API on which you can easily build your own XML/SGML-related applications. The Amaranth Kernel provides a development environment where the developer gets full control over not only XML and SGML data but also over other kinds of data (database, web, etc.). You can navigate the XML/SGML structures and modify any part of a document.

The Kernel is an object-oriented API and uses a special approach to handle all forms of data (not only XML/SGML data) in a uniform manner. With this approach the Amaranth Kernel supports easy integration of several types of data sources:

  • XML/SGML documents
  • Relational databases (e.g. MS SQL Server)
  • COM+ based interfaces (e.g. MSXML3)
  • Graphics formats (e.g. CGM, TIFF)

The Amaranth Kernel is under constant development and a future release will among other features support XML/SGML-based Internet communication and control of applications.