The Amaranth Aviation Solution Suite
Amaranth ATA Server

The Amaranth Server is the central information server that the complete aircraft maintenance solution is built upon.

Amaranth has designed and implemented its ATA Server to seamlessly interface with any type of ATA SGML document. Through a simple interface all relevant information is easily available for data retrieval, presentation, or whatever use is relevant. Examples of such uses are jobcard creation and generation, maintenance planning, manual browsing, etc.

The Amaranth Server is controlled by the Source Manager (see below), a solution designed to manage all data sources supported by the ATA Server.

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The Source Manager

The Source Manager is the main management interface to the ATA Server and allows a source planner e.g. to:

  • register new AMM revisions, Temporary Revisions (for the AMM), and Service Bulletins in the ATA Server
  • select when a specific AMM revision is to be used for production or for test. Typically a new AMM revision goes through a testing phase before it is put into production
  • generate instant and full reports on the impact of installing a new AMM revision. For example, to list both all jobcards (see Jobcard Manager) and checks (groups of jobcards) affected by changes in a new AMM revision.
  • manage ATA sources on several sites
  • provide full effectivity control so that each individual aircraft registration has its own history log in the ATA server.
The Jobcard Manager

The Jobcard Manager provides fast and easy jobcard creation and generation with full automatic AMM revision control (no manual work needed). The Jobcard Manager allows a jobcard planner to create new jobcards from widely different data sources retrieved through the ATA server or other information servers.

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The Check Manager

The Check Manager enables you to organize and group related jobcards into a specific maintenance checks. It also enables you to manage the publication of individual checks usually containing a large amount of information. When printing checks you are allowed to:

  • annotate the print job with relevant aircraft information, lists, and barcodes.
  • order a future print so that all tools and parts necessary for the check can be ordered and made available in advance.
  • do batch printing