The Amaranth ATA Server

The Amaranth ATA server is the central software component in the architecture of our Aviation Solution Suite.

Amaranth has designed and implemented its ATA Server to seamlessly interface with any type of ATA SGML document. Through a simple interface all relevant information is easily available for data retrieval, presentation, or whatever relevant use is required.

Examples of such uses are jobcard creation and generation, maintenance planning, manual browsing, etc.

The Amaranth ATA Server is designed on top of the Amaranth Kernel which allows multiple sources of information to converge in a homogeneous environment allowing easy integration with customer-based systems.

The services of Amaranth ATA Server are available through both COM+ and CORBA interfaces which allows custom-built applications to interface the server and makes the ATA Server available to the web e.g. through ASP programming.

The Amaranth ATA Server features:

  • very fast registration of Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) revisions with no need for storing AMM data in a database
  • fast retrieval of SGML and graphic data from the AMM down to individual subtask and even below
  • support of Temporary Revisions (TR) and Service Bulletins (SB)
  • full revision control of all supported ATA documents
  • full effectivity control for all aircrafts