The Aviation Industry

Amaranth has combined its SGML expertice with its long-time aviation experience in a dedicated effort to develop intuitive software solutions for the aviation industry.

This effort has resulted in a suite of software solutions designed to support the heavy and complex aircraft mainteneance and planning task all based on commercial aviation standards (see the text A Standard Solution to the right).

Dramatic Cost Reduction

Our Solution Suite enables the user to set up a powerful aircraft maintenance system easily integrated with highly available COTS (Commercial of The Shelf) products (Windows NT or 2000, MS SQL Server, COM+, ASP) which not only helps reduce the hardware and software cost of a system dramatically but also limits user training because of the use of known technologies and user interfaces.

For example, our Jobcard Manager which provides fast and easy jobcard creation and generation with full automatic AMM revision control (no manual work needed) not only represents a huge reduction in man hours needed for a revision update but also provides a completely safe solution with absolutely no risc of data pollution.

A Standard Solution

Amaranth has completely based its aviation solutions on the ATA 2100 and ATA 100 specifications (now combined into one specification: ATA iSpec 2200: Information Standards for Aviation Maintenance).

The ATA Specifications are supported by leading aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus and by basing our products on commercial aviation standards Amaranth not only offers a range of products that represents a long lasting investment for the customer but also provides a working solution to the major operators in the world.