The Jobcard Manager

The Jobcard Manager provides fast and easy jobcard creation and generation with full automatic AMM revision control (no manual work needed).

The Jobcard Manager allows a jobcard planner to create and manage new aircraft mainteneance jobcards based on information objects extracted from widely different data sources all comprised and made available through the ATA server. In this case relevant jobcard information could be:

  • individual tasks, subtasks, graphics, and sheets from the Aircraft Maintenance Manual or AMM (also data below the subtask level can be addressed)
  • requirements from Maintenance Planning Data (MPD)
  • selected parts from service bulletins
  • custom notes or graphics
  • signoffs, readouts, or other custom fields

Several other data types or customer information can be made available through the ATA server as needed.

The Scripting Approach

The central key behind the strength and versatility of the Jobcard Manager is that jobcards are defined internally as scripts. Each item in the script is a reference to a data source instead of actual data. Using references instead of actual data turns jobcards into light-weight virtual documents that can be put together or realized only when needed.

When a jobcard is realized the information of each script item is retrieved from the ATA server and the full jobcard is constructed as an SGML or XML document and processed for either viewing or printing. With each script item a powerful Exclude facility is available where e.g. individual subtask or sheets can be excluded from an included task or graphic item, respectively. This enables the jobcard author to create a jobcard completely optimized to carry out the maintenance job needed without any redundant work.

The main benefit of the scripting approach is that it ensures that a jobcard always is generated using data from the newest AMM (or other) revisions or from a selected revision provided by the ATA server.

Intuitive User Interface

The easy-to-use and intuitive Jobcard Manager interface not only allows the jobcard author to very quickly create a complete set of jobcards for an aircraft type but also minimizes the need for educating the user. In the case of the Boeing 737 678 model, a complete set of maintenance jobcards were created within 3 man weeks; a major improvement over most maintenance systems today.

Reduces Cost and Enhances Safety !

The Jobcard Manager's scripting approach and easy user interface optimizes the jobcard creation and generation process so much that it not only represents a huge reduction in man hours needed for a revision update but also completely removes any need for manual interference providing a completely safe solution with absolutely no risc of data pollution.

Thus the Jobcard Manager and the ATA Server together provides a dramatic reduction in costs and a major boost to safety.

User Control and Versioning

User control and jobcard versioning is provided so that:
  • any user that logs on to the Jobcard Manager will be assigned a role and skill level that will determine his or hers access rights when using the system
  • each individual jobcard is versioned throughout its life time so that any past versions can be reconstructed together with the AMM revisions and other information relevant for a past date


The Jobcard Manager provides full effectivity control so that aircraft-specific jobcards can be generated for each individual aircraft.