The XML/SGML Industry

Our XML/SGML expertice is built both on a theoretical background and on an extensive practical experience.

For example, on the practical side we have worked with:

  • many commercial software products
  • development of own software solutions
  • large scale SGML projects
  • standardization work (ISO)

We have worked closely with several XML/SGML products, for example:

  • FrameMaker+SGML (FDK programming)
  • Omnimark
  • Sp, Mark-it (SGML parsers)
  • TurboXML
  • Microsoft's XML tools

We have been involved in both developing DTDs for customers and in using existing de-facto standard DTDs where some of the more important projects covers work with aviation and automobile DTDs as described in the right column.

Aviation DTDs

Amaranth has extensive experience with the SGML DTDs available in ATA Specifications. Our Aviation Solution Suite is based completely on the commercial aviation standards published by ATA.

We have especially worked with the DTDs:

  • AMM - Aircraft Maintenance Manual
  • TR - Temporary Revisions
  • MPD - Maintenance Planning Data
  • SB - Service Bulletins
  • IPC - Illustrated Parts Catalog
  • FIM - Fault Isolation Manual
Documents based on these DTDs are all published by the main aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus.

Automobile DTDs

We also draw on many years of experience with conversion of legacy documents to SGML for the automobile industry using a J2008 based DTD:
  • VCC2008 - A J2008 variant used by Volvo, Sweden

We have used a mix of commercial products and tools based on our Amaranth Kernel to set up an effective conversion system.