About Amaranth

Amaranth is a Danish company founded in 1999 which represents many years of experience with the XML/SGML technologies and with document and information handling in general. Amaranth has especially been involved in large projects within the aviation and automobile industries.

Amaranth provides information technology services in a broad sense through consultancy activities, software system development, and technology training. We concentrate on, but are not limited to, XML/SGML technologies but also offer professional guidance and development assistance within technology areas such as E-business, web, and database. We use our own proprietary Amaranth Kernel in a number of custom-built XML/SGML solutions.

Furthermore, Amaranth also provides assistance in project management and in providing help with preparation, evaluation and refinement of business offers.


Amaranth ApS
Sandbjergvej 60A
DK-2950 Vedbaek

Phone: +45 2712 0586
Email: info@amaranth.dk